We lose 50 Billion dollars to investment fraud every year.  You or someone you know has been the victim of stockbroker incompetence or investment fraud.  Many investors don’t even know that they have been “ripped off.”  Some are simply too embarrassed to admit they were taken advantage of.  Day after day the internet and the daily news are filled with stories about people from all walks of life who have followed the advice of “experts” only to find their life savings destroyed.  Baby Boomers are especially susceptible to unsuitable investment advice from stockbrokers who are merely following sales techniques taught them by marketing experts.

You want to invest for your financial future, but after researching the latest theories, checking the mounds of fundamental data or just listening to your stockbroker espouse unintelligible jargon, your head is spinning. You are justifiably confused.  Fed up.  Frustrated.  Angry.

All you want to do is invest wisely and not become a casualty.  Why is this so hard in today’s investment world?  Because the rules have changed.

Today’s investment landscape is drastically, radically different from yesterdays.  The individual investor is not prepared for these incredible changes.  Even worse, key government agencies – the ones we rely on to protect us – are just as ill prepared as the public they’re supposed to safeguard.  This is why brokerage firms find it so easy to pick your pockets right under the noses of authorities who are supposed to be regulating Wall Street.

All you want to do is invest wisely and not become a casualty.  By reading Make Wall Street Pay You Back you can avoid the pitfalls and investment hazards that cause millions of investors to succumb to Wall Street’s “dirty tricks.” Here’s what’s inside:

  • Investment products that you must avoid
  • Ticking time bonds in your portfolio that should be sold now, before it’s too late
  • How to recognize an unsuitable investment recommendation
  • How to tell if your broker is working for you or for their own self interest
  • FINRA rules concerning bad investment advice (suitability rules)
  • Fiduciary duty, conflict of interest, know your customer and other regulations that brokers are supposed to follow, but too often break
  • Warning signs of stockbroker misconduct so you can take action BEFORE you become an investment casualty
  • How to tell if you have a valid claim against your broker or brokerage firm
  • How to be a responsible investor
  • How you can recover your money if you have been the victim of investment fraud of bad advice
  • FINRA Arbitration – How To Make Wall Street Pay You Back
  • A peek inside an arbitration hearing
  • Negligence, unauthorized trading, other “dirty tricks” and much more
 Don’t become the next investment casualty. Prepare yourself or your love ones so that you won’t be taken for a ride.  I recommend that you give a copy of my book to anyone who contemplates investing with a brokerage firm or money manager.  The few dollars you spend today will save you thousands or hundreds of thousands tomorrow.




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