The Law Offices of John Lawrence Allen represents registered representatives and investment advisors in employment disputes with broker/dealers, registered investment advisors and financial institutions.  We represent brokers and investment advisors who have been wrongfully terminated or are involved in compensation disputes, benefit disputes and incentive compensation disputes, otherwise known as promissory note enforcement actions.

In addition, brokers are often subject to improper amendments to U4 and/or U5 registration, defamation, injunctions prohibiting them from moving their book of business to another brokerage firm, and raiding claims if they leave one firm and go to work at another firm.

Brokerage firms often allege that the registered representatives who work for them are “at will” employees and thus have no legal rights if terminated.  But even “at will” employees have statutory rights and can assert those rights it they are members of a protected class, harassed, retaliated against or if their employer violates public policy, industry standards, FINRA Rules or state statutes designed to protect employees.

Almost all employment disputes in the securities industry must be arbitrated pursuant to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Protecting your rights in FINRA arbitration or FINRA enforcement actions requires extensive knowledge and experience with the rules, custom and practice and the FINRA Code of Arbitration.  We have represented thousands of individuals before FINRA proceedings throughout the U.S. and are intimately familiar with how to win and defend these complex matters.  Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION or fill out a Claim Evaluation Form.