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Broker Fraud & Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors from their own money or money paid by later investors rather than from actual earned revenue. The scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, who became famous for using this technique in the 1920s. He paid investors large interest payments on short-term investments with money from new investors. At the same time, he spent much of the incoming...

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Broker Fraud & Your Asset Allocation Asset Allocation

A competent financial advisor understands that the key to a successful, profitable portfolio is proper asset allocation and diversity. Types of asset classes include: cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, foreign currency, natural resources, etc. In a given year, any one asset class or combination of classes may be up while the others are down. Due to the near impossibility of being able to accurately predict which classes will do well in any particular...

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Broker Fraud & Private Placements Private Placements Were you sold unregistered securities?

Private placements are complicated investment tools involving sales of unregistered securities, which operate outside of the stock market. Small businesses often issue these securities as a method of raising capital. Due to the complex nature of the investments, they are generally marketed to mutual funds, pension funds, institutions such as large banks and insurance companies, and sophisticated individual investors.

Contacting a Broker Fraud and Securities Fraud Lawyer

If you were sold unregistered...

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Broker Fraud & Subprime and Mortgage Scams Subprime Litigation and Mortgage Scams

The recent housing market crisis has left innumerable investors crippled by massive financial losses stemming from investments tied to mortgage-related debt. In many instances, investors were not properly advised of the risks associated with these types of securities or their portfolios were over concentrated in such a manner as to expose them to excessive losses. Failure to properly diversify an investor’s portfolio and failure to provide factual and complete...