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Broker Fraud Hedge Fund, Investment, Mutual Fund & Securities Fraud

Stockbrokers and investment advisors are legally required to place the interests of their clients before the interests of themselves or their firms. Securities fraud is a gross violation of this duty as a direct result of the broker purposefully placing their own needs or the needs of their firm ahead of what is in the best interests of their clients. A broker fraud lawyer from the firm can help in this situation.


  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Hedge Fund Fraud Hedge Fund Fraud

Hedge fund promoters often entice potential investors with optimistic claims of fast, sizable returns. Unfortunately, the lack of oversight associated with these funds often allows promoters to make claims over and above the returns they can actually deliver.

Hedge funds are not required to register with the SEC. As such, they are not subject to the same mandatory reporting rules as other investment funds. This lack of oversight, coupled with the significant first...

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Broker Fraud & Investment Fraud Investment Fraud Happens

Very few of the scams on the Internet are new. Most of the swindling techniques we see today originated long ago as telemarketing, direct mail, or even door-to-door selling schemes. But the Internet adds another troubling dimension to these old tricks. For example, a fancy Web site can create the illusion of a large and reputable company, especially if it provides links to legitimate sites.

It doesn’t matter if you have worked with your...

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Broker Fraud & Mutual Fund Fraud Mutual Fund Fraud

Mutual fund fraud exists when brokers violate their fiduciary duty to investors by placing their own interests ahead of the interests of their clients. This breach of duty can manifest in a variety of ways, but often stems from a broker’s actions to increase their commissions or fees.

Brokers involved in mutual fund fraud may push unsuitable class shares onto investors without thoroughly explaining the costs and benefits of each, particularly the fees...