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  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Securities Fraud Attorney Broker Fraud – Unsuitability

An investment broker must recommend investments based on a client’s individual financial needs. However, brokers may be pressured by their firms to push a certain stock, or may have a personal interest in a corporation or other investment opportunity. A broker is guilty of unsuitability if they advise their client to invest in stocks that they know are outside the client’s risk tolerance or are not suited to meet the client’s...

  • John Lawrence Allen

Broker Fraud & Unauthorized Trading

Broker Fraud – Unauthorized Trading

An investment broker must obtain a client’s permission before engaging in a stock transaction. If a broker fails to obtain permission before buying or selling stock, or acts against a client’s express instructions, a broker will be guilty of unauthorized trading.

Prior to placing an order to buy or sell securities for an investor a broker or advisor must obtain the express permission of that investor.  If not,...

  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Stock Market Losses

Broker Fraud – Stock Market Losses

Not all stock market losses are caused by broker fraud. Usually, if a company’s projected growth does not materialize, this will drive down its stock price. Other events that commonly drive down stock prices are higher interest rates and defective products that cause severe injuries and trigger costly recalls.

You are going to lose money if you invest in stocks. Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. If fact, it...