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  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Avoiding Fixed Income Structured Products Why do fixed income seniors invest in structured products?

Even though it’s been established that “structured products” are inappropriate for the average investor, seniors and those approaching retirement age have been a major target for these investments. Although part of the problem is that many brokers simply don’t understand these investments, there are those who specifically prey upon the elderly because that’s where the money is.

Fraudsters who are just looking for a high...

  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Avoiding High Yield Investment Fraud What is high yield investment fraud?

“High yield investment fraud” is a term used to describe a currently popular investment scam that is generally run online through flashy websites by unlicensed promoters. Although most of these scams are currently being run online, you may hear the pitch over the telephone or even in person. Here are some of the main signs that high yield investment fraud is at work:

You are promised incredible returns,...
  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Avoiding Pyramid Schemes How can I avoid pyramid schemes?

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes have a lot in common, and the way to avoid them is to approach any investment opportunity with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, avoiding pyramid schemes takes a little work on your part. If you’re not sure how to get started, realize that avoiding investment scams boils down to one basic thing: don’t believe everything you hear. Here are some questions you should ask yourself...

  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Avoiding Social Media Investment Scams How can I avoid social media investment scams?

As social media becomes a crucial vehicle for doing business in the modern world, more and more fraudsters are taking advantage of social media sites’ ability to reach many people at once. However, even though the face of the investment fraud has changed, the basic tactics for protecting yourself have not. Whether you are offered an investment opportunity in person or via a social media...

  • John Lawrence Allen
Broker Fraud & Ponzi Scheme Common Targets Who are the common targets of Ponzi schemes?

Financial fraud victims can be found at every level of socio-economic status, age bracket, and education. What makes all individuals vulnerable to Ponzi schemes is the cunning of those individuals behind them. Anyone can become tied to a schemer, placing trust in the individual based on previous or existing associations. 

Commonly targeted victims of Ponzi scams may include:

Clients who are already involved in legitimate business activities...