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The expert on Broker Fraud, former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Lawrence Allen represents investors nationwide in securities arbitration. Mr. Allen spent seven years working for two major Wall Street firms and was chief investment officer for two hedge funds. Mr. Allen speaks on impactful subjects that affect all of us and is a respected legal expert who provides insightful commentary on national TV, radio and print. Author of Investor Beware, published by John Wiley & Sons, Mr. Allen’s latest book “Make Wall Street Pay You Back” was just released.

Broker Fraud is a general term that covers a range of unscrupulous behaviors and misconduct on the part of a broker or brokerage firm. This may include behaviors like high-pressure sales tactics or making trades you did not authorize. 

The most common types of stockbroker fraud are:

• Churning. “Churning” is the term for making an excessive number of trades on an account in order to benefit the stockbroker – not the investor. This may be difficult to spot if you’re not looking carefully because these small, frequent trades will usually show as a profit. This is broker fraud. 

• Unsuitable investments. An unscrupulous broker may try to talk you into investments that don’t suit your needs or your long-term financial goals. Oftentimes, this is because a broker stands to gain commissions on these investments. This is broker fraud. 

• Misrepresentation or Omission. If a broker fails to give you all the information about an investment opportunity or does not disclose certain risks, then you may have a broker fraud case if you suffer investment losses. 

If you suffered losses as the result of an investment in which you believe your broker had an undisclosed conflict of interest, you need the assistance of a law firm nationally recognized for its professional excellence. With years of combined legal experience, and having successfully represented thousands of individual and institutional investors, the Law Offices of John Lawrence Allen – your broker fraud and securities fraud attorneys – have the expertise, experience and resources necessary to review, investigate and aggressively pursue your claim of undisclosed conflict of interest.

We have won over a hundred million dollars in losses for clients nationwide, from Los Angeles to New York City. For assistance with your undisclosed conflict of interest claim, call us or complete our online claim evaluation form for a free broker fraud and securities fraud case evaluation
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